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               One of my papers has been published in the International Journal Of Science Technology & Management

                                                       You can find it here: http://www.ijstm.com/currentissue.php

Living and teaching in Thailand

                                                                             Hi, I’m Clemont!

I’m living and teaching English in the south of Thailand for more than 10 years. TESOL means teaching English to speakers of other languages. There’s a difference with teachers who teach the subject English in their native countries.

I am a TESOL teacher with a bachelor degree in TESOL. English Language Teaching (ELT) has developed over the last decades. The methodology has progressed from teacher-centered to student-centered approaches.

Here on liveTESOL.com I’m in the process of writing about ELT. I would like to explain lots of topics and provide useful information for anyone interested in TESOL. Also I would like to create lesson plans for different age groups  and proficiency levels in the near future, for both online and on-site classes. I’m currently writing an e-book titled: TESOL student- centered lesson plans.

I hope you find my blogs useful.  Blogs about TESOL.    Blogs about living in Thailand.    Let me know in the comments. Thank you.

Any correspondence about hiring me as an English (or Dutch) tutor online (I’m bilingual, fluent in Dutch and English) or discussions about TESOL or ELT, you can contact me by sending me an email:  clemont@livetesol.com   or  dutchyenglish99@gmail.com