How to Earn a Teaching Degree – Teach and Study in Thailand.

Teaching English is what I love to do the most. Many teachers pursue their dream of teaching English to children despite the workload it may carry in some schools. Ones you know what and how to teach, it isn’t stressful, in the contrary, it is fun. It doesn’t feel like going to work. Developing methods and materials is more like a hobby than work. Every morning when you arrive at school and meet all those happy faces you instantly forget all your worries. The Thais are very laid-back people, even in schools!

Teaching English is abbreviated mostly in 3 ways: TESOL, ESL or EFL. They all mean teaching English to non-native speakers, the slight difference is what kind of students do you teach. Is English their second language (ESL) or just a foreign language (EFL). In both cases you teach English to students of other languages (TESOL).

In Thailand there are students who are learning English as their second language, just like students in The Netherlands for example, and some of them are quite fluent already in primary years which depends on the school and home environment.

Most of the Thai students however don’t speak good English and it will never be their second language. The teaching methods and techniques differ therefore, but in all schools, whether it is a bilingual school or a local, small primary school, you need a degree if you want to teach full-time. Just like anywhere else in the world, teachers must have degrees and teaching licenses in Thailand.


How to earn a teaching degree? Wouldn’t you like to obtain a teaching license if you are passionate about teaching? This blog provides the perfect solution and I’m happy to share it with you.

TESOL degree.

Most of the foreigners who teach ESL have followed a TEFL course, and most of them have a college degree in any field obtained from a college back home. They are not teachers back home, and they don’t have a teaching license from their home countries, but the job requirements state that you need a bachelor degree in any field. This is the case in most schools, but working without degrees is possible sometimes.

There is good news for people who would like to move to Thailand and teach, but don’t have teaching qualifications other than a TEFL course. The BA TESOL international degree program at Siam Technology College in Bangkok is accredited and accepted all over the world as a real bachelor degree in TESOL. You will even get a 120-hour TESOL (TEFL) certificate and a Young Learners certificate, so no need to pay for a TEFL course.

I will be graduating very soon which enables me to work in any school I like (if they want me) as an ESL teacher. You might think why I’m writing about this particular degree program since there are more universities that have TESOL degree programs. Well, yes, but this program isn’t expensive and with the Education visa you can stay in Thailand and teach English online or in a language center. The timezone here is about the same as in China and closer to countries like Japan and Korea with lots of learners online.

You follow the courses during the school breaks in College in Bangkok, which is great because that means that you can chill near the beach and work online every other day. Some schools and agencies will even hire you without a degree, but working without a work permit is illegal, therefore teaching online and/or in a language center is the way to make some money to pay for your stay.

Entrance requirements and tuition fees.

The following criteria should be met:

  • A high school diploma;
  • A strong command of English;
  • Certified vocational training and work experience

The degree program consists of 122 credits. The tuition fees are THB 1,150 per credit. You must take at least 9 credits per semester in order to fulfill the visa requirements and you are allowed to take maximum 22 credits per semester. There are 3 different type of classes:

  • Weekly classes during the school breaks in March, April and October;
  • Weekend classes in addition to the weekly classes and regular weekend classes from May-September and November-January;
  • Evening classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but there aren’t that many.

Some quality courses are:

  • English Language Teaching (ELT) Methodology (6 credits);
  • Teaching Reading;
  • Teaching Writing;
  • Teaching Listening and Speaking;
  • Second Language Acquisition;
  • Second Language Testing;
  • Teaching Young Learners;
  • Teaching Vocabulary;
  • Understanding Teaching and Learning;
  • Classroom Management.

The courses have 3 levels of difficulty. The green classes are beginner classes, the orange classes are intermediate classes, and the red ones are advanced classes.

Live your dream life.

Living your dream life in Thailand is possible. Life in Thailand isn’t complicated and the people are very friendly. Thailand is very beautiful and you can still find empty beaches if you want. Living your dream life is different to everyone, but it means to everyone a safe environment with friendly people and a good climate.

Thailand has it all, before the pandemic situation this year it was one of the best tourist destinations in the world. The TESOL degree program makes it possible to live free and without any difficulties as soon as they allow new students in the country.

The website of the college is outdated and got wrong information, including the fees, but I provided the link for you anyway so you can check it out yourself. If you need more information about how to earn a teaching degree, leave a comment or send me an email.  If you would like to sign up for this degree program, send me an email, because you are asked to type in the person’s full name who told you about this program.

Many more posts are here to follow about live TESOL: live to teach and teach to live. Hopefully you will check them out and get answers to questions you might have about teaching TESOL.


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