The best TEFL course in Thailand – On-site in Chiang Mai.

Have you dreamed of beautiful Chiang Mai in northern Thailand this winter? Lock downs and cold weather it can’t get any worse. Me too, albeit that I am living in the South of Thailand but dreaming of a holiday in the North as well. There isn’t a lock down in Thailand, so that’s a good reason to head over here anyway! To Chiang Mai where the nights are cool, but the days are sunny and bright. Riding a bike through the beautiful mountains, away from it all, sounds good to me.

Chiang Mai mountains

In this blog I am informing you about a wonderful opportunity in Chiang Mai where you can learn to teach TEFL on-site and get a paid job placement in one of the nicest communities you have ever lived: the best TEFL course in Thailand.

Full On-site TEFL Certification (120 hours).

The next 4-week training course starts on the 8th of February, so if you are in Thailand you can  join here.

The 4-week training course will be held nearly every month, the 8th of March is the next starting date after February.

For those who can’t make it any time soon, there’s another 2 week course before the new school year starts. The course will start April 19th 2021. They offer a paid 4-5 month placement in Central and Northern Thailand after the training.

The training is on-site with great instructors and a great team that can help you with all your needs. The TEFL training will have observed teaching practices at their training school in Chiang Mai. Accommodation is included while training. You will receive the TEFL certification at the end of your teaching period.

4-week TEFL certification.

  • Nearly every month held on-site in Chiang Mai;
  • After completion you can work anywhere in Thailand, South-East Asia or the world;
  • Comprehensive TEFL training with experienced instructors;
  • You will have six observed teaching practices in local schools;
  • This TEFL certification fulfills the general employment requirement for TEFL teaching jobs around the world.

3 training parts of the 2-week course in April 2021:

  • Pre-arrival: The first part will introduce the classroom management techniques and review grammar terminology, which will be done by videos and assignments;
  • Post-arrival: The 2 weeks of face-to-face group training will focus on EFL classroom teaching skills and language awareness. There will be 4 observed teaching practices at local schools as well. One day of cultural awareness training will be given, since this is important in Thailand;
  • During placement: There will be continuous support by trainers throughout the semester at your school.

Teaching methodology.

What you learn during the certification course is a known as the 3 p’s, which we all are familiar with. It is an easy concept but effective. For more information: teaching English methodology.

  • Presentation – the teacher introduces new language in context, the context need to be presented in such a way that the young learners can place themselves in the situation and understand what’s going on and what’s going to happen;
  • Practice – the teacher provide learning opportunities by giving a task to the learners, divide them in groups and let them practice the target language;
  • Production – the learners need to use the target language which they practiced in a new activity.

No experience? No problem!

Many have gone before you with no teaching experience at all. The first part of what is the best TEFL course in Thailand is set up for people with no experience whatsoever, so that they get familiar with the teacher’s skills they need.

What’s really great about this TEFL course in Chiang Mai is that you are in Thailand! Life is cheap here and you will have a fantastic experience teaching and living in the North of Thailand. You can put what you’ve learned straight away into practice and develop yourself as a TESOL teacher.

If you have teaching experience this provides a good opportunity for you to share your knowledge to the group.



This TEFL course is fully recognized by several government agencies in Thailand and the UK. It has the most comprehensive licensing, certification, and endorsement for TEFL courses in Thailand. Check out the website here. And decide for yourself if this is the best TEFL course in Thailand.

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