Which is the best TEFL course? – TEFL UK.

Already have a degree? You wanna teach English abroad and looking for an online TEFL course? In this blog I’ll tell you about the best online TEFL provider and get 10% off! Also, English speakers without a degree are welcome to enroll, because in some countries you can teach without a degree.

Which is the best TEFL course? TEFL UK is is the best. I’ll tell you why.

They have trained more than 42,000 students over the last 4 years which makes them the fastest growing TEFL company on the web.

Get 10% off.


TEFL UK is the fastest growing TEFL provider and more than 93% of the reviewers recommend TEFL UK.

My code offers a 10% discount on all the TEFL UK courses.

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  • Globally accepted qualification and officially accredited;
  • Free job placement;
  • TEFL UK courses are your road map to success;
  • You will learn how to engage students in the ESL classroom so that they perform greatly;
  • The courses will teach you techniques how to make use of resources effectively;
  • Planning for your lessons will be easy for you;
  • You will teach 20 hours live online, so that you can test what you’ve learned;
  • Access to 1,000’s of TEFL job opportunities.

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Accredited TEFL or TESOL certifications.

TEFL UK offers only fully accredited certification programs through ACCREDITAT.

The following standards should be met when you decide to enroll in one of the courses:

  • It should have a minimum of 100 hours of coursework;
  • The accreditation of the course should be given by a reputable, outside agency or body;
  • The course should have a qualified course instructor;
  • The instructor should have ESL teaching experience abroad.

Online teaching jobs.

For almost all teaching jobs online TEFL certification is a must and TEFL UK has a partnership with two of the world’s leading online English schools. Every month TEFL UK helps 100s of graduates to get online teaching jobs.

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Once traveling is easy again, you can move and immerse in an exotic country and teach ESL/TESOL, which is our passion here on liveTESOL.com


Which is the best TEFL course? I think it’s time for you to find out yourself.

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Please leave a comment if you have a question, and I’ll be happy to help you out.



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